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About the Journal
AgroEnvironmental Sustainability (ISSN 2583-942X) is an international, scholarly, and scientific open-access journal that publishes peer-reviewed research, review, communication, and editorial articles showcasing how sustainability can be achieved through interdisciplinarity of agriculture and environmental sciences subjects. The journal brings forward scientific information that addresses challenges in agriculture, economic, social, health, and environmental aspects.

Aims and Scope
By promoting a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, AgroEnvironmental Sustainability aims to advance the field of agroenvironmental sustainability, facilitate sustainable agricultural practices, and contribute to the achievement of global food security while minimizing environmental impacts.

Journal Information
Title: AgroEnvironmental Sustainability
Frequency: Quarterly
ISSN: 2583-942X (Online)
Chief Editor: Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Subject: Agriculture
Language: English
Publication Format: Online
Publisher: Society for AgroEnvironmental Sustainability (SAGENS)
Address: 264/1 Badowala, Dehradun 248007, India
Contact Email: info[at]sagens[dot]org
Copyright: Author(s)